ICANZ is actively involved in the formulation of standards and regulations governing the performance and installation requirements for insulation levels in buildings. Comments on any of these standards & regulations can be lodged by contacting us directly


ICANZ members are committed to producing products that meet the new insulation
performance standard, AS/NZS 4859.1, for the life of the project to ensure the maximum cost savings and environmental benefits for the life of the project.

ICANZ provides a list of standards that relate to insulation in buildings.


ICANZ submissions (See section Government Relations) have focused on achieving cost effective solutions that will:

  1. Improve current performance of the Australian residential housing market due to non-performing insulation products and installation practices.
  2. Have a positive effect on Australia’s greenhouse emissions whilst providing for homeowners increased comfort, coupled with a short payback of the installed insulation costs.

ICANZ is committed to undertaking the necessary research to support the optimum insulation levels to building fabric in terms of energy efficiency. This will help manage Australia’s non-renewable energy resources, meet its GHG emission targets and help address the serious concerns being posed by peak energy demand in summer and winter.

For consumers/builders, there is a table of recommended insulation levels (i.e.: R Values) throughout Australia according to the eight (8) climate regions referenced in the Building Code of Australia energy efficiency provisions.