ICANZ is actively involved in the formulation of standards and regulations governing the performance and installation requirements for insulation levels in buildings. Please feel free to provide your comments on any of these standards & regulations via our email address (info@icanz.com.au)


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Technical Notes

Technical noteFlammability Index verse Non-Combustible: What’s the Difference?

Research and Publications

Key:   C – Consumers    I – Industry    G – Government

Australia and New Zealand

Report – The Bottom Line – household impacts of delaying improved energy requirements in the Building Code – Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council – Go to Report C I G

Report – The Value of Insulation Based Residential Energy Savings – Download Report C I G

Report – The Value of Ceiling Insulation – Download Report C I G

Report – A Strategic Approach to Energy Efficient Building Regulations – Download Report G I

Report – The Energy Efficiency Gap: Market failures and policy options – Download Report G

Report – The Economic Benefits of Retrofitting Insulation in Australia 2012 – Download Report G

Publication – The Right Insulation Matters – Download Brochure C I G

Guide – Thermal Performance Guide  V2 2015 – Download Guide C I

Guide – ICANZ Insulation Installation Guide Version 6 December 2020 – Download Guide C I G

Handbook – Insulation Handbook Part 1: Thermal Performance – Total R-value calculations Version 3 December 2016 – Download Handbook C I G


Report – Financing Europe’s Buildings Renovation – Download Report C I G

Report – NZ Insulation Home and Health Study – Download Report C I G

Report – Lisbon: Saving Energy and the Environment with Insulation – Download Report  C I G


ICANZ also authors submissions regarding policy and Government decisions.

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Technical Resource Drawings

ICANZ also develops technical drawings illustrating required standards.

View current technical resource drawings. 

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