ICANZ Submission to the National Energy Performance Strategy (NEPS)

This submission demonstrates the urgent need for a national energy performance strategy and details data from international and Australian programs and research.

The 2021 Industry-led roadmap for quality control and insulation installation, states that:
adequate insulation can increase thermal comfort, lower heating and cooling bills, and reduce the prevalence of illness and death. Insulation reduces pollution, greenhouse gas emission and reliance on the electricity grid.


Insulation is an integral component of a whole of system approach required for a well performing building envelope seal and airtightness, coupled with vapour management and appropriate ventilation. The correct specification and installation of materials is a significant factor in achieving the best result for a thermally efficient building envelope and a healthy home. The inclusion of condensation management coupled with increased star rating in the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC) can be achieved by considering the interaction of all building elements forming the building envelope, and this requires appropriate material selection, installation training and inspections.

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