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About insulation

Insulation plays a fundamental role in good building design, efficient use of energy and provides comfort, protection and better health outcomes for building occupants.

Statement of Attainment Installing insulation should be a once only cost. Selecting the right insulation for the application and installing it correctly will provide the significant benefits for the life of the building. However if the insulation is not fit for purpose or is installed incorrectly up to 50% of the potential life-long benefits could be wasted. So the insulation installer plays at least as important a role as the product itself in achieving the potential benefits of installed insulation.

About accredited training

The insulation industry, along with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and a Registered Certifying Body have combined and developed a professional training program that includes classroom course work covering how different insulation products work, calculating how much insulation is needed, and provides actual practice work installing insulation according to the latest requirements. The course provides details of the latest Australian Standards, Work Health and Safety requirements, duty of care, identifying, assessing and management of risks.

For further information, email: or phone 03 9929 4141.

Benefits of being an accredited and registered insulation installer

There is a growing requirement within the building industry to have all work done by qualified personnel. This is already mandatory for government funded building work. This course is the only current accredited course available for insulation installers. No matter how long you have been an installer, you will learn many things from this course and be brought up to date with all relevant standards, regulations and responsibilities you may not realise you have to comply with.

Insulation Installer Accreditation

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Insulation installation videos

ICANZ has been working with the Federal Government and the Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) to create insulation installation videos for installers and other associated trades. Please click here to view the videos:

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