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Are FBS-1 Glass Wool and Rock Wool products more expensive?

Prices have not been increased. All costs are periodically reviewed and prices adjusted when necessary.

How should off-cuts be disposed of?

Follow directions on the product labels.

 What assurance is there that FBS-1 is Bio-Soluble and complies with standards?

The new FBS-1 Glass Wool and Rock Wool products are made to a formula consistent with the latest International and National OH&S standards.
Each Australian Glass Wool and Rock Wool manufacturer rigorously tests their respective formulations.
Each Australian manufacturer guarantees its product.
Glass Wool and Rock Wool formulations are assessed by international authorities.

What does “FBS-1” mean and what is the purpose of the roundel symbol?

‘FBS-1’ appears on the label and throughout the MSDS. It stands for Fibre-Bio-Soluble and identifies Glass Wool and Rock Wool produced after 01/01/2000. The roundel symbol on packaging makes this recognition easier and immediate. The map of Australia indicates that the product has been developed and manufactured in Australia.

What does ‘Bio-Soluble’ mean?

The terms ‘Bio-Soluble’ Glass Wool and Rock Wool means the products dissolve in bodily fluids and is quickly cleared from the lungs.
The products comply with the test of short-term biopersistence in Note Q of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission’s Standard 10005 (1999). Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

What has changed from product pre-2000 to product produced from 01/01/2000?

There has been a formulation change to Glass Wool and Rock Wool products produced since 01/01/2000.