Glasswool and rockwool insulation products are excellent insulation materials and are fully safe to use under all conditions. Both insulation materials have been in world-wide use for over 70 years, and during this time their manufacture and use have been extensively monitored and researched.

It is clear from this monitoring and research that no serious health effects have ever occurred in those manufacturing, using or otherwise exposed to glasswool or rockwool insulation.

What is meant by FBS-1 products?

FBS-1 is a registered ICANZ trademark and can only be used by products that are registered with ICANZ.
FBS-1 identifies products that comply with the test of short-term biopersistence in Note Q of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission’s Standard 10005 (1999). (Refer to ICANZ material safety data sheets).
The following products have registered use of the FBS-1 trademark:

  • CSR-Bradford- Rockwool and Glasswool insulation
  • Fletcher Insulation- Glasswool Insulation
  • Tasman Insulation New Zealand- Glasswool Insulation

Health and Safety Fact Sheets

Glass and rock wool OH&S Fact Sheet
Occupational Health and Safety Profile
Code of Practice
Field Handbook

Safe Use Instruction Sheet (SUIS)

FBS-1 Glasswool

Health and Safety FAQ’s

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Industry Education

Manufacturing – Work practices – health and safety case study