The ACT government has been a national leader in energy efficient buildings. A number of progressive environment measures have been introduced and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS report No. 4602.0, Environmental Issues: Energy use & conservation, March 2008), has the highest level of insulation, with 77% of existing homes being insulated.

The ACT government offers a rebate program for houses built prior to 1996. At a fee of $30 the homeowner receives an audit by an accredited energy professional and a $500 rebate is issued if more than $2,000 is spent on accredited energy-efficient improvements, including wall, ceiling and floor insulation (Source).

The ACT and Victoria have the highest per capita emissions of all Australian states and Territories for non-residential energy use. The ACT also has the highest per capita emissions for residential energy use.

The ACT is the only Australian territory to introduce mandatory energy efficiency ratings prior to sale or lease of a home. It has adopted 6-star energy efficiency provisions for new homes as from 2010.