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Top Liveability Tip:

Choosing the right insulation for your home gives lifetime benefits

Thermal insulation installed in ceilings, walls and floors is well recognised as one of the most significant and cost-effective measures for improving thermal efficiency, improving household comfort, health and amenity while at the same time significantly reducing energy bills for heating and cooling. Selecting the right insulation and having it correctly installed is a once only cost. It will last the life of the building with no further maintenance cost.

Insulation is a good investment

The benefits of insulation are well known to the design, building and assessment industries. Now insulation is also formally recognised as a ‘liveability feature’ by the real estate industry at point of sale or rent. Through the award-winning Liveability Real Estate Specialist training for salespeople and property managers, new specialist agents are now able to appraise, list and sell properties with these additional 17 features and know why they are important to liveability potential. LJ Hooker is the first real estate brand to offer this specialisation to its customers.


Insulation is one of The 17 Things™.

The 17 Things™, developed by the Centre for Liveability Real Estate, are property features that offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly. They reflect both water and energy efficiency as well as the benefits of living close to a vibrant community.


If you have invested in professionally installed insulation and you have the receipt from your accredited installer, your property may be eligible for the exclusive Liveability Property Marketing Features™ icon and additional listing opportunities with a Liveability Real Estate Specialist.



ICANZ Supports The 17 Things™

“Despite many years of individual marketing by building product and service providers to home buyers, a simple, combined message has not been presented to real estate professionals or home buyers. This has resulted in a lack of understanding and demand for these features and as a consequence they have been unappreciated and undervalued.

LJ Hooker’s Liveability program now can reveal to potential home buyers these important features providing them with an enlightened assessment of properties for sale. And LJ Hooker agents can now undertake professional training in sustainable housing features, providing their customers with credible and valuable advice.

Well done … for taking a much needed leadership position to improve service to home buyers.”

Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand

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