Electric hot water tariff incentive

The Energex Hot Water Rewards scheme provides an incentive of a $100 EFTPOS gift card to eligible South East Queensland households that connect an electric hot water system to an economy tariff.

Electricity feed-in tariff

The Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme rewards eligible households and other small electricity customers that install solar power (photovoltaic – PV) renewable energy systems by paying them for the excess electricity that they generate.

Energy-efficient air-conditioning incentives

The Energex PeakSmart Air-conditioning Project provides South East Queensland households with incentives of up to $750 in EFTPOS gift cards for purchasing and installing up to three split inverter PeakSmart air-conditioners or a $500 EFTPOS gift card purchasing and installing a ducted PeakSmart air-conditioner.

Pool pumps, tariff and energy-efficient pump incentives

The Energex Pool Rewards Program EFTPOS gift card to connect a pool pump to an off-peak electricity tariff or a $150 EFTPOS gift card toprovides South East Queensland households an incentive of a $250 install a minimum 5-star rated energy-efficient pool pump.

Federal Renewable power incentives

Households across Australia installing; a small scale solar, wind or hydro renewable electricity system or; a solar or heat pump hot water system; may be eligible for a benefit Certificates and Solar Credits.via Small-scale Technology