Electricity feed-in tariff

The Northern Territory Grid Connected Solar Feed-in Scheme rewards households that install solar power (photovoltaic – PV) renewable energy systems by paying them for the electricity they generate.

Home energy rebates

The Energy Smart Rebate helps Northern Territory households save energy and money with a 50 per cent rebate, up to the value of $200, on the cost and installation of selected energy-saving items.

Solar hot water installation rebate

Northern Territory households may be eligible for up to $1,000 with the Solar Hot Water Retrofit Rebate for replacing an electric storage hot water system with a new solar hot water system.

Federal Renewable power incentives

Households across Australia installing; a small scale solar, wind or hydro renewable electricity system or; a solar or heat pump hot water system; may be eligible for a benefit Certificates and Solar Credits.via Small-scale Technology

Included in the Energy Smart Rebate NT (50% of purchase price up to $200)

  • Power saving multi switch power boards
  • Remote control mains outlet
  • 24 hour timers
  • Power Usage meters
  • ‘One Shot’ Hot Water Booster Relay Switch
  • Low Energy CFL or LED Down Lights
  • Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Fridge or Freezer Seal Replacements
  • Energy Saving Light Globes – Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)