Home energy assessment

NSW residents who are social housing tenants, energy utility hardship customers or who hold an eligible concession card can improve their household energy with the Home Power Savings Program.

Home energy self-assessment kit

The Save Power Kits program makes it easier for all New South Wales residents to save on energy and water bills by borrowing a free home energy assessment kit from libraries to perform a home energy self-assessment and develop their own home energy action plan.

Home Saver Rebates Program

The NSW Home Saver Rebates Program and rebates for eligible energy and water efficient devices and equipment ended as scheduled on 30 June 2011. 26,088 ceiling insulates rebates were given.

Federal Renewable power incentives

Households across Australia installing; a small scale solar, wind or hydro renewable electricity system or; a solar or heat pump hot water system; may be eligible for a benefit Certificates and Solar Credits.via Small-scale Technology

Included in the Home Power Savings Program for C/W Health Card Holders

  • A stand-by saver power board to turn off standby power
  • 4 energy efficient light globes
  • A water-efficient showerhead
  • A shower timer
  • A tap aerator
  • Draught-proof strips for around the door
  • 2 door snakes