Family-ConsumersAs a consumer, the installation of insulation can provide dramatic cost-efficiencies over time, whilst also delivering wide-reaching benefits across a range of areas including health, comfort and the environment.

ICANZ helps consumers to understand the standards and regulations that dictate compliant usage of insulation. We also help consumers to maximise the benefits and gains achievable through the correct use of insulation.

ICANZ members have been at the forefront of developing solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste in buildings for many decades. We know that the right insulation correctly installed is the most cost effective way of reducing energy waste, improving home energy efficiency and green house gas emissions from buildings and homes.

In a normal residential building pay-back of the total cost of insulation, depending on use of the dwelling and the type of heating and cooling systems used, is estimated at around 3.8 years and the insulation continues to save money and provide comfort for the householder for the life of the building.

Conversely, if a building remains uninsulated, over its projected life of 60 years the householder will have unnecessarily paid for the cost of the insulation around 12 times over through the cost of wasted energy.

Federal and State Governments also offer incentives that can help offset the initial investment in insulation. Find out what you may be eligible for: Incentives

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