home3ICANZ helps architecture, building and construction industries to implement insulation best practice to help achieve profitable, efficient and environmentally-sound outcomes.

By following best-practice methods and striving to create lasting value for home owners and occupants, the architecture and construction industries can help to shape the future of sustainable, healthy housing that delivers both short and long-term benefits to the occupant, their community, the country and the global population.

Standards, Research and Publications

ICANZ provides consumers, industry and Government with access to relevant information to encourage smart decisions around insulating homes. Find out more

Health and Safety Information

Mineral Wool insulation is a safe and environmentally friendly solution. There are no known health risks associated with the correct use of insulation. Find out more

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Refer to the relevant standards to ensure you understand the requirments. View Standards

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Explore the quality insulation products and services that ICANZ members can provide. Selecting the right product

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