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Are the exposure levels listed in the Worksafe Code still required?

The Worksafe Code sets exposure levels for inspirable dust and respirable fibre.

Is Personal Protective Equipment required when using FBS-1 Glass Wool?

We recommend as good work practice to adopt the following in any situation where dust is likely:

  • Light long sleeve clothing
  • Gloves and cap
  • Dust mask when working overhead or in confined spaces.
  • Goggles for overhead work.
  • All instructions are outlined on our labels, which are on every pack of Glass Wool.

 Is the binder coating on Glass Wool harmful?

No. The cured binder in finished Glass Wool product is chemically inert and not harmful when handling the finished product.

Is the product an irritant?

Glass Wool may cause a short-term mechanical itch to some people. Read the directions on the label and wash as directed.