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Are FBS-1 fibres respirable?

If airborne dust is created, a small number of respirable fibres may be released and if inhaled would be cleared from the lungs rapidly.
They are cleared quickly from the lung by the normal bodily processes that clear any dust particles.
As a comparison, FBS-1 Glass Wool is cleared more rapidly than typical dust breathed in from the street.

As a tradesman/contractor will regular handling increase the risk of any health effect?

No. Australian Glass Wool production workers — many of whom have long work histories making and handling Glass Wool — have participated in major health assessment studies and show no concerning effects of working with Glass Wool.

Does Glass Wool cause cancer?

Pre 2000 production — Over 50 years of research has not found any cause and effect link between Glass Wool insulation and cancer.
FBS-1 Glass Wool, in addition to the above, complies with the exemption requirements of NOHSC 10005 (1999). Note Q

Is the Worksafe Code of Practice still valid?

Yes. The Worksafe Code represents good work practices and good housekeeping

Will FBS-1 cause asthma or other allergies?

No. Glass Wool is not a primary cause asthma, bronchitis etc. However, it is possible it may cause discomfort to those suffering a pre existing condition.