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Are there any significant product differences between pre and post 2000 production?

Product – FBS-1 Glass Wool is part of the commitment to provide customers with the best possible product that reflect changing scientific knowledge and technical capabilities.

  • Formulation – Modification meet changing international OH&S standards.
  • Physical appearance – Product – no. Packaging – yes.
  • Feel – same.
  • Performance – thermal & acoustic – same.
  • Fire – 0,0,0,0-1 – no change.

Does FBS-1 Glass Wool deteriorate when installed?

No. Bio-Soluble relates to solubility in body fluids. FBS-1 Glass Wool is stable when installed as directed.

 Is Glass Wool the same as polyester and cellulose fibre insulations?

No. Totally different technology and fibre chemistry.
Glass Wool fibre is manufactured from abundant natural minerals (e.g. sand). Polyester is a totally synthetic fibre made from chemical derivatives of oil industry products.
Cellulose fibre is made mainly from waste paper
Glass Wool fibres are superior thermally and acoustically and have better fire performance.
Glass Wool fibres have been thoroughly researched over the last 50 years.
Unaware of any substantive research on the health effects of polyester or cellulose fibre insulations. To date they have not been subject to scrutiny and have insufficient data to give an opinion.

What are the advantages of FBS-1 product?

Pre 2000 product. Safe. No evidence of long term health effects.
FBS-1 Glass Wool is a progression in the development of fibres to provide the best possible products that incorporate changing scientific knowledge and technical capabilities.
FBS-1. Produced to comply with new OH&S standards introduced in Australia in 1999.