The Tasmanian Government reports that electricity consumption in Tasmania is growing by almost three per cent per annum, increasingly testing the limits of generation and transmission capacity.

The government is investigating issues concerning whether the use of Building Code of Australia’s rating tool AccuRate (which determines the star rating of buildings) will limit the use of timber floors prior to adopting the national code.

ICANZ has put forward substantive information showing that timber floors are easily and economically accommodated through AccuRate with the intelligent use of insulation and draft stoppers.

ICANZ studies show that the Tasmanian climate requires less cooling than in the northern states but given its large demand for heating, compared to other states, the additional costs of the regulation should bring the greatest benefits to Tasmanians.

From 1st May 2013 new energy efficiency requirements for the construction or alteration of houses applied in Tasmania. The provisions in the building code of Australia (BCA) require that new work meets BCA 2013 requirements equivalent to 6 stars under the nation wide house energy rating scheme.