The South Australian Government reports that based on international and interstate experience there is the potential to reduce energy use in South Australia (SA) by at least 20 per cent using cost-effective energy efficiency measures.

It states that taking advantage of these cost-effective energy efficiencies could create around 850 to 2700 net new jobs – many of which would be the result of energy users redirecting savings in energy costs to other areas of the South Australian economy.

The manner in which the 6-star energy efficiency requirements are achieved will depend on the ‘Climate Zone’ in which the house is located. Their are 3 climate zonez in South Australia: Climate Zone 4: Covering the far north of the state. Climate Zone 5: Covering most of metropolitan Adelaide the mid-north, the riverland and the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas. Climate Zone 6: Covering the South East, the Mt. Lofty ranges and the Flinders rangers. (Climate Zone maps of S.A).

The major changes under the new requirements are an increased level of insulation required in walls, roofs and suspended floors, and more comprehensive requirements placed on glazing.

In June 2009, S.A’s Primier Mike Rann comitted to increasing the states renewable energy target from 20% by 2014 to 33% by 2020. Rann, who is also Minister for Sustainability and Climate Change and Economic Development, confirmed $20 million renewable energy fund to accelerate investment in the sector (Source)

The S.A climate change and greenhouse emissions reduction act 2007 contains a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the state by at least 60% by 2050 and a target to increase the use of renewable electricity to 20% of total electricity consumption within the state by 2014 (

In early 2006, SA increased its renewable energy target for electricity supplied to the grid to 20 per cent within 10 years.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, South Australia leads Australia states with 78.2 per cent of South Australian homes being insulated (ABS rpt 4602.0 29).

ICANZ has made representations to the SA government to assist it to reduce energy demand and improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the state.

From 1st September 2010 all new homes and extensions built is S.A need to achieve a 6-star level of energy efficiency.