The ICANZ three step checklist for consumers:

1. Check the product complies with relevant Australian standards – never assume

Look at the product brochures/packaging and make sure that you are dealing with a company that’s products are in compliance with AS4859.1 and preferably deal with a manufacturer that is certified to ISO9001, a benchmark of quality assurance.

All products that meet Australian Standards are safe if installed correctly, particularly around downlights and that a hazard assessment has been performed before all installations. Some products offer the added security of having been tested to Australian Standard 1530.1 which means they are deemed a Non Combustible building material*.

If you have any doubts, always call the manufacturer who is obliged to provide proof of compliance.

2. Investigate the company/installer – conduct a background check

Ask questions of the installer. Ask how long the business has been in operation, and whether they are backed by any additional training from a manufacturer. Some manufacturers of insulation provide additional training to Installers that purchase and install their product.

3. Take your time to choose the right insulation product – shop around

Get at least two quotes. Use this as your opportunity to explore all of your options in terms of the right product for your home prior to contacting an installer. See if the installer is able to provide a warranty certificate of performance on the product that they are installing. Check how long the manufacturer has been in operation. If they are a reputable manufacturer and are willing to provide a lifetime warranty for the performance of the product, there is added security.The following information offers useful links to inform consumers about products services and government support for the installation of insulation.