** Denotes Rebates for insulation products

 Electric heater replacement discount

The Gas Heater Discount for Concession Card Holders provides a $700 discount to eligible Victorian households that replace their electric heater with a new high efficiency gas space heater.

Electricity feed-in tariff

The Victorian Feed-in Tariff rewards households, community organisations and businesses that install renewable energy generation technology by paying them for the excess electricity they generate.

Gas hot water rebate

The Gas Hot Water rebate provides Victorian households with up to $400, or $700 for concession card holders, to replace their existing wood-fired or peak-rate electric hot water heater with a natural gas hot water system.

Home appliance rebate and assistance

The Whitegoods Appliance Rebate of $100 is available for eligible Victorian concession card holders to help them buy energy efficient fridges and washing machines. The rebate is available through the No Interest Loan Scheme, the Brotherhood of St Laurence Progress Loans program or the Good Shepherd Buying service.

Home energy incentives

The Energy Saver Incentive helps Victorian households save energy with a range of discounts and special offers on selected energy saving products and services including fridges, freezers, heaters and hot water systems.

Showerhead exchange

The Showerhead Exchange Program can help Victorian households swap their old showerheads for free 3-star rated water-efficient showerheads, saving water, energy and money.

Solar hot water rebate – bushfire affected homes

The Solar Hot Water Rebate – Bushfire Affected Homes scheme can help Victorian residents rebuilding their homes after the 2009 brushfires with a rebate for replacing a gas or non-electric water heater with a gas boosted solar hot water system.

Solar hot water rebate – metropolitan Melbourne

The Solar Hot Water Rebate for metropolitan Melbourne provides up to $1,500 at point of sale to replace or improve your existing hot water system with a range of new gas and solar hot water solutions.

Solar hot water rebate – regional Victoria

The Solar Hot Water Rebate for regional Victoria provides up to $1,600 as a point of sale discount off the cost of replacing or improving your existing hot water system.

Federal Renewable power incentives

Households across Australia installing; a small scale solar, wind or hydro renewable electricity system or; a solar or heat pump hot water system; may be eligible for a benefit Certificates and Solar Credits.via Small-scale Technology

Included in the Energy Saver Incentive

  • under-floor insulation, weather-proofing strips, double-glazed windows, chimney dampers and vent covers**
  • energy-efficient fridges and freezers and help with recycling the old fridge
  • more energy-efficient heaters
  • more energy-efficient cooling
  • hot water system replacements and upgrades
  • energy and water-saving showerheads
  • energy-efficient lighting
  • high efficiency TVs
  • energy-efficient clothes dryers
  • energy-saving pool pumps
  • standby power controllers to reduce the amount of power used by computers and home entertainment systems.