** Denotes Rebates for insulation products

 Electricity feed-in tariff

The South Australian Solar Feed-In Scheme rewards households and small eletricity customers that install solar power (photovoltaic – PV) renewable energy generation technology by paying them for the excess electricity they generate.

Home energy incentives**

South Australian households can reduce their energy usage by participating in the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) to receive assistance with installing efficient lighting, showerheads, draught proofing and upgrading to energy efficient appliances.

Solar hot water rebate

The Solar Hot Water Rebate scheme can assist concession card holders in South Australia. If you own and occupy your home you may be eligible for a rebate of $500 for the cost of installing a new solar hot water or electric heat pump hot water system.

Federal Renewable power incentives

Households across Australia installing; a small scale solar, wind or hydro renewable electricity system or; a solar or heat pump hot water system; may be eligible for a benefit Certificates and Solar Credits via Small-scale Technology

Included in the SA Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES)

  • improving the efficiency of your hot water system
  • upgrading to a more efficient heating and cooling system
  • insulating your ceiling**
  • draught proofing gaps around windows and doors
  • removing and recycling second fridges and freezers
  • switching to more energy efficient lighting
  • installing water and energy efficient showerheads
  • installing standby power controllers
  • energy audits for low income households.