Garnaut Climate Change Review

During 2008 ICANZ made a detailed submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review following the release of the Interim Report. ICANZ shared the view that Australia’s interests are best served by a strong global position on greenhouse mitigation. ICANZ endorsed the need for an Emissions Trading Scheme and supported measures by government to eliminate market failures combined with assistance for the less well off.

ICANZ presented extensive evidence to show the contribution made by insulation in improving energy efficiency and reducing the need for energy, thereby insulating us from price increases and buying time to plan for clean energy and developing more cost effective technologies.


Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)

In May 2010 the new Building Code of Australia will incorporate 6 Star energy efficiency regulations.

Residential Buildings

Commercial Buildings

EMET Review of insulation levels for Commercial Buildings in BCA
ICANZ BCA Commercial submission 150405


Productivity Commission

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Energy Efficiency with specific focus on the Building Industry

In the Commonwealth Government’s Securing Australia’s Energy Future White Paper on energy policy, the Government foreshadowed a Productivity CommissionInquiry into the economic and environmental potential of energy efficiency.

A major study by the Allen Consulting Group titled ‘The Energy Efficiency Gap: market failures and policy options’ prepared for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, Australasian Energy Performance Contracting Association, Australian Glass and Glazing Association and the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand in November 2004 was submitted to that inquiry.

The Productivity Commission’s draft report was of some concern to those promoting energy efficiency. ICANZ response to the draft report is contained in the following documents: