ICANZ is the official representative of the Insulation industry in Australia and New Zealand.
The issues of energy supply, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainability are now high on the agendas of Governments, Councils and Industry. Insulation has an important role to play to address these issues.
Insultation is not just about energy efficiceny. Importantly it provides increased comfort and better health and wellbeing for building occupants for the full building life.

Through our campaigning, research, advocacy and publication of information, we serve:

The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ) was formed in July 2004 to replace the industry association, FARIMA. The body now includes New Zealand membership reflecting the trend towards common building standards, closer ties in research, testing and other trans-Tasman building initiatives. The insulation industry is a vital and expanding component of the construction sector.

Our members, Bradford Insulation and Fletcher Insulation employ directly over 1000 people in Australia and New Zealand, have invested over $500 million in manufacturing and distribute over 1200 insulation product lines to a wide range of industries.

The insulation marketĀ  employs directly and indirectly over 5000 people. ICANZ members provideĀ  approximately 70% of insulation sold in Australia and New Zealand.

For many years ICANZ members has funded independent research and reports quantifying the value of generic insulation to Australian consumers, the environment and the economy. ICANZ regularly exchanges research with the major European and American insulation industry bodies and shares relevant data with Australian industry and governments.

Insulation has a fundamental role to play in improving the energy efficiency of the built environment. But it is also only part of the total mix of product and design. ICANZ works closely with other allied associations, both locally and internationally, to provide better data and practical cost-effective solutions to meet requirements for energy efficiency and environmental design in buildings.

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