Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand

ICANZ works closely with members and allied organisations both locally and overseas to provide better data and cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for buildings.
The issues of energy supply, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainability are now high on the agendas of Governments, Councils and Industry. Insulation has an important role to play to address these issues.
ICANZ is actively involved in the advocacy of these issues at Local, State and Federal levels of Government on matters of policy development. Insulation plays a fundamental role in good building design but it is only part of the total product mix.
Insulation is not just about energy efficiceny. Importantly it provides increased comfort and better health and wellbeing for building occupants for the full building life.
ICANZ members are committed to meeting the latest provisions of insulation product performance and installation standards.

The Benefits of Insulation


ICANZ provide facts, statistics and commentary for journalists and the media. We can provide expertise in the benefits and impact of insulation as well as opinion on current topics and issues. More information


Our members, Bradford Insulation and Fletcher Insulation employ directly over 1000 people in Australia and New Zealand, have invested over $500 million in manufacturing and distribute over 1200 insulation product lines to a wide range of industries. Find out more